Progress Report: 5/17/11

Here we go:

Ed Kemmick‘s book, The Big Sky, By and By, has been approved for print, and the first wave of review copies should be landing at the doorstep any day now. Those will be distributed around the state, and by mid-June, we’ll be taking advance orders for signed copies. The official release date for the book is July 26.

I’m absolutely thrilled with how the book turned out, its prospects (people who love Montana and Montanans will love this book) and, most of all, for the chance to work with Ed.

On other fronts:

  • I’m still plugging away at the new novel project, tentatively titled Somebody Has to Lose. I get a few cracks at it each week, and right now, it’s sitting at about 14,000 words. Once Ed’s book gets launched, I should be able to dedicate more time to it. Still very enthusiastic about the story, which is revealing itself to me in exciting ways.
  • I’m really digging my weekly writing exercise, The Word. What’s been interesting, at least to me, is that the moments of inspiration have carried me back to Texas, where I grew up. I’ve done little writing set in Texas, but somehow, these little scenes of suburban mayhem have found their way there.
  • At the end of the week, I’m off to New York City for a few days of Book Expo America goodness. I’m looking forward to meeting other AmazonEncore authors, basking in the glory of books and, of course, exploring the greatest city on earth (or so I hear; I’ve never been). Blog posts will march on in my absence.

One Response

  1. David Otey

    Loved the Austin setting of your story “The Word: Desire” – it was as authentic as they come. Definitely took me back there. And I’m very excited about Ed’s book, as he is my favorite chronicler of my newly adopted state. “Desire” alone places you high on my list of Texas writers – which is saying something, as the competition is stiff. (Rick Riordan has a huge head start, but I’m burned out on Kinky Friedman.) Keep ‘em coming! And yes, I can keep you in both my Montana and Texas categories if I want to. Try to be big about it.

    May 17, 2011 at 11:00 am