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April 7, 2013: The Billings Gazette reviews Edward Adrift. “Edward Stanton is one of the more distinct and interesting characters you’ll encounter in contemporary fiction, and it’s never dull accompanying him.”

November 23, 2011: Author Gary Robson, the owner of Red Lodge Books in Red Lodge, Montana, reviews Quantum Physics and the Art of Departure. “While it is a literary work that deals with serious themes, there isn’t an ounce of pretentiousness between the covers. It’s absorbing, attention-grabbing, and well-written.”

November 20, 2011: A review of Quantum Physics and the Art of Departure appears in The Billings Gazette. “It’s a real delight to inhabit Lancaster’s lonely, darkly majestic Montana locations and desperate characters, a look at a slowly eroding 21st-century America that’s as strong as many more well-known titles by major presses.”

June 19, 2011: Craig’s first published poem, Eastward Ho, appears in the The Montucky Review.

May 15, 2011: A review of The Summer Son appears in the May/June 2011 issue of the Montana Arts Council newspaper: “In heartbreaking detail, Lancaster portrays the good and the bad in his characters, offering the reader reasons to despise, sympathize with, and ultimately understand them.”

April 14, 2011: The Missoula Independent reviews The Summer Son. “Lancaster is superb at characterization, writing in a practical idiom that is perfect for capturing the intricacies of parental cruelty and love.”

April 9, 2011: Novelist David Abrams features The Summer Son and 600 Hours of Edward on his blog, The Quivering Pen, in a post titled “Craig Lancaster kills the Marlboro Man.”

April 8, 2011: New West reviews The Summer Son. “The Billings author has put his heart into telling the story of an embittered relationship between narrator Mitch Quillen and his 71-year-old father, going deep into territory that feels both singularly personal for Lancaster and universally accessible for readers who will identify with what’s at stake here.”

March 1, 2011: Craig writes a guest post, Reading Hemingway in Yellowstone, at Mark Miller’s blog.

Feb. 17, 2011: Largehearted Boy hosts a playlist for The Summer Son.

Jan. 23, 2011: The Summer Son receives a rave review in The Billings Gazette. “Lancaster tackles a tough topic head-on and reveals much about love and violence.”

Oct. 8, 2010: 600 Hours of Edward wins the High Plains Book Award for best first book.

June 30, 2010: Part II of the 1st Turning Point interview.

June 27, 2010: Part I of an interview at 1st Turning Point.

June 22, 2010: Author Kristen Tsetsi interviews Craig about The Summer Son.

June 10, 2010: The Chicago Center for Literature and Photography gives 600 Hours of Edward a 9.7 rating out of 10. “Lancaster puts together here a nearly perfect combination of traditional literary elements, mixing crowd-pleasing sappiness with indie-friendly subversion, a masterful blend of character and action that takes advantage of traditional framing devices in just about the best way possible.”

June 3, 2010: Montana Quarterly reviews 600 Hours of Edward. “This is a wonderful book.”

March 18, 2010: The Missoula Independent reviews 600 Hours of Edward. “It’s an extraordinary first novel.”

March 2, 2010: 600 Hours of Edward is selected as a 2009 Honor Book by the Montana Book Award. Read the press release.

Jan. 14, 2010: The Lively Times reviews 600 Hours of Edward. “This endearing hero deserves the fine ending the author has bestowed on him.”

Dec. 24, 2009: Interview with Parents, Let’s Unite for Kids (PLUK).

Nov. 3, 2009: Craig is interviewed by Working Writers.

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